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…and then I had a few drops of 360 vodka.

I think one problem about 360 vodka is that it’s name is practically un-google-able

This vodka is supposed to be “eco-friendly” – not only the bottle (note the swing-top cap) but also the production process. But what about the taste? Will it be like the recycled paper I used to write my homework on – dull and grey? Or will it shine like the best of them?

I was kind of expecting a compromise, something that you drink because it’s the right thing to do (if you can even say that about drinking in the first place), but not because it tastes good. Like a veggie burger at a fast food restaurant.

But little did I know that I was in for a surprise! This was some really good vodka!

It went down easily (8/10) and made for a nice warm feeling from within (8/10). It felt smooth, refined and classy. There was nothing overly particular about it though. Maybe I was expecting something different from an eco-friendly vodka? Anyway, it was good.
Kudos for the bottle design, too (8/10) – and even the price of about 14€ for 700ml was good (8/10).

Get this!

Overall rating: 8.0

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