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Goddamnit, I have no clue how to write the name of this vodka. 40 0,5? Сорок Ноль? Forty Zero? I think the name comes from the vodka being eighty-proof (40% alcohol) and coming in a 0,5 liter bottle. But I am still confused.

Yet here I am, listening to a Chinese song called “Zebra, Zebra” (斑马,斑马) by Song Dongye (宋冬野). It’s absolutely beautiful, and what’s even better: there is a cover version by The Landlord’s Cat (房东的猫), which could maybe, maybe be even better. Or maybe it isn’t. Maybe Song Dongye’s version is still the best. I am torn.

Anyway, let’s talk about this unutterable vodka.

I am still not sure what this 40 0,5 vodka is called

I got this in a liquor store in Tashkent, and it wasn’t exactly cheap for Uzbek standards, but it was still very affordable overall. About 5 euros for 500ml, putting it in the 10/10 department. In hindsight I should have asked the clerks what this tuff was actually called.

The bottle looks nice. It reminds me of Absolut, Mama, or Rutte – a clean design that focuses heavily on a large font. I quite like the big red 40 0,5 label, so I’d give it a 7/10.

There was a slightly sweet smell. The taste was pleasant, also slightly sweet just like the smell, and like any good vodka it went down easily. Vodka means “little water”, so it shouldn’t burn excessively when you drink it. This stuff was good, a 7/10.

It had a mild aftertaste, not overly aromatic, but not bad either. And it made for a nice warm feeling. Another 7/10.

Overall, this 40 0,5 vodka (whose name I do not know) is a 7.75

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