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It’s been a while. With all the walking and the writing and the presentations, I really didn’t have time to take care of this blog. But does that mean that the drinking stopped?


I just didn’t write about it. But I kept notes. And I have some interesting vodka brands in the pipeline. Maybe I’ll type them up one of these days.

Anyway, a while ago I got an email from Jeremie. “Do you want to try some new vodka?” he asked me. Sure, I said. A little later I got a bottle in the mail. Just like that.

Absolut Elyx has wings but fails to fly

So here I am in a hotel in Prague, listening to Rancid. They have this song “Old Friend” that I really like. It’s about heartbreak. I have Jeremie’s bottle with me. There are not shot glasses in this hotel room, but I have a regular water glass, and I have some walnuts.

I always drink my vodka at room temperature, and I usually try to have some sort of food along with it. Zakuski. Today these walnuts will have to do. Shot. Walnut. Shot. Walnut.

But what am I drinking? This stuff is called Absolut Elyx. It’s being marketed as “The World’s First True Luxury Vodka”, which sounds like a bold statement considering that there are brands like Beluga and Kauffman out there. So I looked up the price: 35€ for 700ml. That’s a pretty steep price indeed, but not too high (3/10).

The bottle design is okay. I guess they didn’t want to deviate too much from the regular Absolut branding, and they wanted to use clear class, but they added some copper-colored stripes onto it because this stuff is apparently being produced in a “manually operated copper still from 1921”. That’s what it says on the bottle. I think it’s an okay design, not great but not bad either (6/10).

Now the Misfits are on – “All Hell Breaks Lose”. Good song. So I guess it’s time to start drinking.

First, the taste: Absolut Elyx is sweet, that’s the first thing I noticed. But it’s not particularly smooth, meaning that it burns in the mouth, and it also burns on its way down your throat. This might not be what you’d expect from a “luxury” vodka, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

If a vodka is not smooth, the aftertaste has to be right, which in this case it is. Absolut Elyx doesn’t slide down easily like a sip of cold water, instead it fights and burns a little (7/10). But then it sits in your stomach and makes you warm from within. And then it provides you with an aftertaste that is sweet and gentle and fun (9/10). Did I taste the copper, though? I don’t think so.

All things considered, I think it would be a good idea for this luxury brand to ditch the Absolut bottle design and go for something more bold. I think the price is okay, but the stuff doesn’t have the smoothness of a typical luxury vodka. I liked it though.

This is a 6.25, weighed down by the bottle design and the price.

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