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[40%, sampled in Germany]

When I was working at Élysée Montmartre in 2003, we used to sell mainly one vodka brand, and it was called: Absolut vodka.

I didn’t drink any alcohol at that time. But now, years later, I finally bought a bottle of Absolut and gave it a try. For old times’ sake. And because I wanted to learn something.

the cleanness of Absolut vodka

This vodka was okay: it does go down easily, which makes it rather good. I guess it must be due to the fact that it has a very clean taste (you could also say it lacks aroma in the aftertaste) that so many people prefer it for mixed drinks.

The bottle design is nothing to get excited about, but it’s not bad, either, and the price is good (14€/700ml).

more to try

I will try some of the different flavored editions later. But I can say as much about this one, the original Absolut vodka: it’s solid. Nothing fancy, but good.

Absolut works well in a mixed drink, but it’s nothing fancy if you drink it neat and at room temperature, like you would with a high-quality vodka.

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