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Last night I had Alpha Noble vodka with a pro. This one is a French brand, and it’s not cheap.

How Alpha Noble vodka stood the test of the pro

“What do you think?” the pro asked me after the first shot.
I didn’t want to embarrass myself, so I mumbled something along the lines of: “7 out of 10, goes down easily, but lacks individuality, might be good in a mixed drink.”
The pro only said one word: “sour.”
So we were going to give it a 6/10 or something.

The evening went on, I went further into the vodka, and soon I was listening to myself telling stories about tears in Turpan and swindlers in Detmold. I was beginning to feel embarrassed, and I realized that I had had way too much to drink, so I stumbled home.

Then, much to my surprise, on the next morning, the pro sent me an email: “the vodka was pretty good,” he said, “there was no hangover.”
And he was right.

Alpha Noble was good in that aspect.

The taste was still a bit too sour (6/10). The aftertaste was good but not great (7/10). I liked the bottle design because it looked classy to me (8/10). And the price of about 18€ for 700ml seemed tolerable (7/10).

This is a good quality vodka, nothing fancy (or “noble”) though,. I’d sugggest using it in a mixed drink.

Overall rating: 7.0

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