the discrepancy

[40%, sampled in Kyrgyzstan]

And here we have Атанбай – Atanbaj vodka. This one is – surprise, surprise – from Kyrgyzstan. And it was also part of the infamous drinking night of Jeti Oguz.

the end of the night

By the time we opened this bottle, we were four people, and our faces were as red as our gestures uncertain. We were trying to balance the intake of vodka by drinking huge amounts of water. But this only delayed the inevitable.

Many a time during that night I found myself outside, trying to find the outhouse and then giving up, overlooking the valley and trying not to stumble, and eventually going back inside for more of that red-faced chumminess. It was a good night.

Atanbaj has a weird aroma

I am looking over my notes, and it says here that I was wondering about the taste and the aftertaste of Atanbaj. The taste itself was apparently pretty good, a bit sweet and only a tad too hot, but the aftertaste was not even average, with an aroma of cleaning alcohol to it.

What was with this discrepancy?

There I was, going further down the spiral of complete drunkenness, opening my heart to random dogs outside, and in the back of my mind I kept wondering whether taste or aftertaste was more important in vodka. I failed to find an answer, though.

Again, Atanbaj wasn’t expensive (190 Som for 500ml = 3€/700ml). And the bottle looked okayish.


I’m not sure which of the three vodka brands did me in. It couldn’t have been the awesome Kyrgyz Aragy, because that came first, and I was still pretty in control at when the bottle was finished. Maybe it was Ular then, or maybe it was Atanbaj.

Or was it a rush of cool mountain air on the shores of Issyk-kul?

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