Back In USSR



(ironic) nostalgia card

[40%, sampled in Germany]

The first thing that struck me about this one was its name and design: Back In USSR vodka – with a hammer and a sickle. Was this supposed to be a sign of political nostalgia? Or a humorous cultural reference? I wasn’t sure, but it made me think.

Maybe for some people the past is a wound they hope to heal with irony.

first from Moldova

The second thing that was interesting about Back in USSR was its place of origin: Moldova. This small country in the East of Europe often goes overlooked, and for me, this bottle of vodka was the first Moldovian product I ever got to try.

Back in USSR is a surprise

So how did Back In USSR taste? One word: awesome. It was very smooth and a bit sweet on the tongue, and it went down almost as if it were water. The aftertaste was rich and aromatic with a hint of vanilla.

I chose to assume that the odd bottle design was meant in an ironic way, which made it okay. And the price of 13€ for 700ml was great.

I highly recommend this vodka!

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