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The first thing that struck me about this one was its name and design: Back In USSR vodka – with a hammer and a sickle. Was this supposed to be a sign of political nostalgia? Or just a humorous cultural reference? I wasn’t sure, so I chose to follow the latter interpretation.

But can communism really be funny? I think that for some people, the past is a wound they hope to heal with irony. Obviously, there are some things that you just can’t make fun of. There should probably never be any “nazi vodka”, unless it’s 100% clear that it is meant as satire.

But anyway, I am blabbering.

Back In USSR vodka is not just playing the nostalgia card, it’s also some damn good vodka

The second thing that was interesting was its place of origin: Moldova. This is a small country in the East of Europe that often goes overlooked. And this was a vodka brand from there, the first Moldovian product that I would ever get to try.

So how did Back In USSR taste?

One word: awesome! It was totally smooth (10/10), and just short of perfect in the aftertaste (9/10). I liked the weird bottle design (6/10), and the price of 13€ for 700ml was great, too (8/10).

I highly recommend this vodka!

Overall rating: 8.25

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