boobs and butts

[40%, sampled in Germany]

This one is called Байкал Водка – Baikal vodka, and here’s what you have to do: go to a search engine and look up the name. Trust me. Not only does the Baikal website have a cool design that resembles a lake (I guess the Baykal Lake), but there’s also a video that you must not miss.

about the video

The Baikal promo video shows a dude who jumps from a helicopter onto the ice of a frozen lake, chops a hole in it, takes his clothes off, and dives deep into the water – where he is immediately surrounded by several naked ladies.

And the video doesn’t stop there. The ladies swim around showing their boobs and their butts, giggling and moaning. The dude looks very satisfied, and then it all fades and we’re looking at some blocks of ice in the water. But is it over? No! The dude emerges from the water, stretches out his arms and yells something like: YEEEEEAAAAAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Baikal vodka does some things well

Having watched what was both the best and the worst commercial of all time, I was in love with this vodka before I had even tasted it. So I told myself to calm down. I shouldn’t let underwater-boobs fool me, I had to remain neutral during the tasting process.

And remain neutral I did. Or rather: I tried. Baikal turned out to taste pretty good. Okay, it wasn’t exactly as smooth as Grey Goose or Belvedere, but the aftertaste was original and pleasing. And by aftertaste I mean when you breathe out through your nose after drinking and your head fills with an aroma. This vodka does that pretty well.

The bottle looked good to me, only the price seemed a bit steep (19€/700ml) – but then someone had to pay for that helicopter ride, eh?

This is a great vodka to have while you are looking at naked women underwater.

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