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[43%, sampled in Germany]

Here we have Bavarka vodka from Germany. Or rather: from Bavaria. I had seen this bottle in a rare foods store in downtown Munich before, and it had immediately intrigued me. The bottle was so pretty. It had such a pretty name. It was Bavarian.

the excuses I make

And because there was something to celebrate, I decided to fork out the money and buy it. Also, I was thinking: I’m not making any income from this blog (yet), but it will surely make me a wealthy man some day.

So buying this bottle was basically just a business investment. Or so I consoled myself.

Bavarka is just too expensive

The vodka itself was almost absolutely smooth. This was interesting because the alcohol content was a bit higher than usual: 43%. Much respect to whoever made this stuff. The aftertaste was great as well, there was a faint sense of sweetness in it that I very much enjoyed.

Let’s talk about the price, though: 49€ for 700ml, that’s simply too much for a vodka. It’s even more expensive than Kauffman and Stolichnaya Elit! The bottle design was epic, though.

still recommended?

I’m not sure if I should recommend Bavarka vodka. It’s a super-quality vodka in a super-cool bottle at a super-steep price. You can find an equally tasty brand for a fraction of the price. But then you would have to make do with a less epic bottle.

Maybe Bavarka is just one of those brands that make good gifts.

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