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Bavarka vodka is Bavarian vodka. Isn’t that weird?

Bavarka vodka is excellent, but it is also too expensive

I guess there is always something to celebrate. I had seen this bottle in a rare foods store in downtown Munich before, and it had immediately intrigued me. The bottle was so pretty. It had such a pretty name. It was so expensive. It just had to be awesome!

And because there was something to celebrate, I decided to fork out the money and buy this. Also, I was thinking: I am not making any income from this blog (yet), but it will (surely) make me a very rich man some day!

So buying this bottle was basically a business investment. Or so I consoled myself.

Let’s talk about the price here: 49€ for 700ml, that’s too much and earns you exactly a 0/10 rating in that aspect. The bottle was epic though: 10/10. The vodka itself was about as smooth as it could be (10/10), and the aftertaste was nice and sweet (9/10).

I thought Bavarka was a bit like Kauffman – a super-quality vodka in a super-cool bottle at a super-steep price. You can find similar quality for a fraction of the price. But then you would have to make do with a less epic bottle.

Overall rating: 7.25

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