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Байкал – Baykal vodka. This stuff has an awesome website!

Baykal vodka – the brand that knows what people want

Here’s what you have to do: google the name Байкал Водка. Trust me! Not only does it have a cool design that resembles a deep, deep lake (well, the Baykal Lake, duh!), but there is also a video of a dude who goes there in winter (via helicopter), chops a hole in the ice, strips down and dives in – only to be surrounded by several naked ladies underwater! And there are boobs! And butts! And they moan! And then it all fades and you are looking at some blocks of ice in the water. But is it over? No! The dude emerges from the water, stretches out is arms and yells something like: yeeaaaaah-hahahaahaaa!!

How awesome is that?

I was in love with this vodka before I had even tasted it. The whole advertisement machinery had definitely worked on me. So I told myself: calm down! Don’t let those underwater-boobs fool you, you have to stay fair when you drink this!

And that I did. Or rather: I tried. Baykal actually tasted pretty good. Okay, it was probably not as smooth as Grey Goose or Belvedere (8/10), but the aftertaste was definitely original and pleasing (9/10). The bottle looked good to me (6/10), only the price seemed bit steep (19€/700ml: 7/10) – but then someone has to pay for that helicopter ride, eh?

This is a great vodka to have while you are looking at naked chicks underwater.

Overall rating: 7.5

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