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Bazic vodka is a brand hailing from Hamburg, Germany, and a rather stylish one, too.

I see Bazic vodka, and I think of Croatian family names

I think the people at Bazic were trying to come up with a brand name that was cool and unique. So they took the word “basic”, but since “basic” seemed a bit too basic to them, they decided to swap the “s” for a “z”. That’s when “basic” turned into “Bazic“. I think that’s about what happened. Or the owners are actually Serbian or Croatian, and their family name is something like “Bazic“, so they decided to go ahead and just use that.

Okay, but who cares as long as you can get drunk?

The brand is trying hard to keep their image young and sexy, and they seem to be doing a pretty good job so far. The stuff itself tastes surprisingly good (7/10). Not nearly as refined as a Russian Standard, but good anyway. The aftertaste is a bit sweet, which I personally like (8/10). The bottle design was neat (6/10). And for a price of about 13€ for 700ml, this seemed pretty affordable (8/10).

This vodka is probably not going to make you go WOW, but it’s good.

Overall rating: 7.25

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