Belenkaya Luxe



really de luxe?

[40%, sampled in Kyrgyzstan]

Behold! This one is called Беленькая Люкс – Belenkaya Luxe vodka, and it isn’t from Kyrgyzstan, even though I bought it there. No, this one is from Russia.

the northern shore

I was in Cholpon-Ata when I tried Belenkaya Luxe, at a beach resort on the northern shore of Issyk-kul. It was a few weeks after that tumultuous night of Jeti Oguz, the hangover had passed, and I had kept myself busy doing other things besides vodka tasting. Things like taking pictures. Writing. Walking around. Talking to people. I felt good to be alive, and it felt good to be in Kyrgyzstan.

I had this with a large plate of vareniky, a sort of dumpling that can be filled with a variety of things (of which cottage cheese is the best in my opinion). It was October, and it was cold outside. Just the right time for some heartwarming vodka.

Belenkaya Luxe is solid

Belenkaya Luxe turned out to be good. The taste was smooth taste, and there was a sweet aroma in the aftertaste. I wouldn’t call this an awesome vodka, but it was perfect for mixed drinks, and it performed well when consumed neat and at room temperature.

It cost a bit more than the other brands in Kyrgyzstan, about 300 Som for 500ml, making it 4€/700ml. The bottle looked nice, I particularly liked the cap.

I wouldn’t call this a true luxury vodka, but with a price tag like that, isn’t it still awesome?

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