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I guess we all know by now how much I love Beluga. It’s an excellent vodka. Funny trivia: it’s about fish, not whales. I used to think it had something to do with the beluga whales they have on Russia’s Pacific coast. Well, I was wrong. It’s a sturgeon. Not a whale, but a fish. You never stop learning.

I’m listening to Spotify’s “Rap Caviar” playlist, which is truly shitty. Lazy people having fun with autotune. Hip hop seems to be in a very sorry state right now.

But I have something nice going on anyway: a bottle of Beluga Celebration. And I got it as a gift. For a celebration. Get it? Beluga Celebration for a celebration!

Beluga vodka doesn’t care about anything

But is it any good? Well, let’s see. Had to look up the price online: 37€/700ml. Okay, that’s expensive, no way to sugarcoat it. Going to have to give this a 3/10. And how about the bottle design? It looks like a regular Beluga bottle that has been coated in chrome. I like it. I’m going to give it a 9/10.

And here’s what’s important: the taste. This being Beluga, and not just that, but Beluga Celebration, my expectations were high. And I didn’t feel disappointed. Beluga Celebration has only a very faint smell, which is always a good sign. If the stuff smells like some kind of disinfectant, then the taste can’t be that good. But anyway, this stuff tasted smooth, almost sweet. I wouldn’t be able to say if it was any better than the original Beluga, but it was a 10/10 anyway. Smoothness all the way.

I just deleted that “Rap Caviar” playlist. There’s another one on my computer though. It’s called “Urban Beats”, and it’s also pretty shitty. Bad music, good vodka?

Okay, but let’s see whether this stuff has a decent aftertaste first. Short answer: it does. Long answer: It makes you feel warm inside. Then it leaves you with a rich aroma, something that makes you want to grab a pickle or a nice winter salami. I loved it. A 10/10.

So is this better than the original Beluga? Honestly, I don’t know. Would have to compare them side by side.

Anyway, this one is a solid 8.0.

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