Beluga Celebration



not one care in the world

[40%, sampled in Germany]

I’ve been listening to Spotify’s “Rap Caviar” playlist, which turned out to be shitty. And I mean truly shitty. It’s basically just a bunch of lazy people having fun with autotune. Ask a BDSM enthusiast what “caviar” means, and you’ll know.

can’t say no to a gift

Aaaaaanyway, I got something good going on here. I guess we all know by now how much I love Beluga Noble? Well, now I got a bottle from the same brand, one that’s called Beluga Celebration. And I received it as a gift for a celebration.

Get it? A bottle of Beluga Celebration for a celebration. Huhu.

Beluga Celebration doesn’t disappoint

Here’s what’s most important about vodka: the taste. And this one being a Beluga, my expectations were high.

It turns out that Beluga Celebration only has a very faint smell, which is always a good sign. If a vodka smells like some kind of disinfectant, then its taste can’t be that good. This one smelled good, and it tasted smooth, almost sweet. I wouldn’t be able to say if it was any better than the original Beluga Noble, but it was excellent anyway. Smooth like water.

Now let’s see whether this stuff has a decent aftertaste. The short answer: it does. The long answer is: it makes you feel warm inside. Then it leaves you with a rich aroma, something earthy that makes you want to grab a pickle or a winter salami. I loved it.

a bit expensive

I just deleted that “Rap Caviar” playlist. There’s another one on my computer though. It’s called “Urban Beats”, and it’s also pretty shitty. But I’m not sad – this vodka is so good, I don’t have a care in the world. Gotta finish this review, though.

I looked up the price online: 37€ for 700ml. That’s expensive, no way to sugarcoat it. And how about the bottle design? To me it looked like a regular Beluga bottle had been coated in chrome. I liked it.

So, Beluga Celebration better than the original Beluga Noble? Honestly, I don’t know. I guess I would have to compare them side by side.

Anyway, I loved this one.

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