Beluga Noble



not a whale

[40%, sampled in China]

This one is called Beluga Noble, and it’s a premium vodka. It comes in different editions, one of them in a gift box with a little brush that you can use to swipe the bottle before opening it or something. But I didn’t get that box. I just got this bottle.

And for 31€/700ml, it didn’t come cheap.

finest quality

What about the vodka itself, though? On the label it says FINEST QUALITY and EXPORT, and I keep wondering what that means. Has there ever been a brand that used the term MEDIOCRE QUALITY for its products? And what does it mean that I bought this EXPORT vodka in Russia, the country where it was supposedly produced?

Anyway, lust like many other premium vodka brands, Beluga Noble seems to be aiming at the top shelf in the liquor store.

what’s a Beluga?

And it doesn’t fail. The vodka itself is perfect, it tastes absolutely smooth, and the aftertaste is aromatic and lasting. I was a bit confused by the the bottle design at first, because I initially thought the name was referring to a whale, but then I noticed that there was a sturgeon on the label. And a sturgeon is a fish.

Anyway, I like both whales and fish. And I was sad when the bottle was finally empty.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more and you want to have some of the finest vodka around – try this one!

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