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not a whale

This is a review of Beluga Noble vodka from Russia. I sampled it in Russia in 2010. It’s clear, 40% alcohol, and I fucking loved it.

Beluga Noble vodka is a true premium brand. It comes in different editions, one of them in a gift box with a little brush that you can use to clean the bottle before opening it or something. But I didn’t get that box. I just got this bottle.

And for 31€/700ml, it didn’t come cheap.

finest quality

What about the vodka itself, though? On the label it says FINEST QUALITY and EXPORT, and I keep wondering what that means. Has there ever been a brand that used the term MEDIOCRE QUALITY for its products? And what does it mean that I bought this EXPORT vodka in Russia, the country where it was supposedly produced?

Anyway, lust like many other premium vodka brands, Beluga Noble vodka seems to be aiming at the top shelf in the liquor store.

thirty-day rest

So I checked out Beluga’s website, and it looks a lot more serious than most other liquor brand sites I’ve seen:

Beluga vodka site
from on September 26th 2021

Investors. Career. Sustainability. Hm… For a moment I almost forgot I was searching for information about booze.

When I clicked on an icon of a bottle of Beluga Noble, it opened up a short text that offered some explanation:

Beluga Noble vodka site
from on September 26th 2021

So apparently there is a widely used technique of allowing vodka to “rest” after production in order to get rid of its smell. I wonder how many brands actually do this.

what’s a Beluga?

Whatever the case, Beluga Noble vodka is awesome. Sure it’s a bit expensive, but the vodka itself is worth it – it tastes smooth like water, and the aftertaste is full, aromatic, and lasting. Exactly what you want from a vodka.

The bottle design confused me at first, though. I don’t know what you associate with the word “Beluga”, but I was thinking of those little white whales in the Arctic, those with the big foreheads. But then I noticed that there was a sturgeon on the label. And a sturgeon isn’t a whale, it’s a fish.

Anyway I like both. And I was sad when the bottle was finally empty.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more and you want to have some of the finest vodka around – try this one!

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