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Ever since trying Beluga for the first time while I was in Russia in the summer of 2010, I have been a fan. But you can only drink so much of this stuff, especially since it’s pretty expensive. So every now and then I keep an eye open for special editions that they put on the market. Like Beluga Celebration just a short while ago, or like this one.

It’s called Beluga Noble Winter. I’m listening to “Hunky Dory” by David Bowie while I’m drinking this, and I’m once again reminded that Bowie should be forgiven for making that shitty “China Girl” abomination of a song. Anyway, we were going to talk about vodka, right?

Beluga Noble Winter vodka is almost perfect, but not quite

This one came with a price tag slightly lower than the average Beluga (though prices can vary, of course): I got the 700ml bottle for 30€, which means it’s in the 4/10 category.

The bottle design is nice. The big old fish is of course still on there, only it’s golden this time. But there is a winter landscape under it, a sort of art deco style that looks pretty pleasing. I liked it maybe a tad better than the original Beluga bottle design. So I’d give it a 9/10.

There was one detail though, and I’m still not sure whether I find it cute or just bad: on the label the manufacturers talk about their entrepreneurial spirit, and they say “OUR HERITAGE, ATTENTION TOWARDS EVERY DETAIL AND STRIVE (sic) FOR PERFECTION ARE EMBODIED IN THE NEW CREATION OF BELUGA MASTERS.”

Really? I thought.

But then all vodka must be judged by its taste and aftertaste. Beluga Noble Winter didn’t have that much of a smell. I mean, it was there, a bit sweet and a bit tangy, but it wasn’t as strong as many other brands. The taste was very clean, too, just like you’d expect from a Beluga. There was a hint of sweetness, maybe even of honey, and then it went down as if it was water. A 10/10.

The aftertaste was great, too. It was aromatic, and there was something like wheat in it somewhere. But it wasn’t perfect this time. Maybe it was me. Or maybe it was the weather. Or maybe this one just wasn’t as good as its big sister, the regular Beluga. I’d give it a 9/10 for aftertaste.

So all in all, this one is a strong 8.0

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