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Belvedere, again. After trying the fantastic regular Belvedere and the not quite as fantastic 100 proof Intense, I was very excited to get my hands on this one: Belvedere Pomarancza-Orange.

Belvedere Pomarancza vodka is heavily flavored, and it only works well in mixed drinks

This one is flavored with orange and a hint of lime, so I found it hard to compare it to any of the non-flavored vodkas. But I thought: why not give it a try anyway?

The first thing you notice when you open the bottle is the smell. I hope all the flavoring in this product has been done naturally, because the smell is almost too strong to be true. Don’t get me wrong: it smells good, very sweet and very promising. It’s just suspiciously strong.

The second thing you notice is that this stuff is not much fun to drink pure (5/10). The fruity flavor feels too dominant and needs to be balanced out with something else. I wasn’t going to use any fruit juice for this, so I got me some tonic and some ginger ale, and both of them worked very nicely with this one.

It’s smooth as always, and the Pomarancza-Orange  in the aftertaste is totally awesome, especially in a mixed drink (10/10). The bottle design is suave like the original: 9/10. The price of about 40€ for 700ml is a bit high though: 2/10.

If you are going to drink this pure, don’t bother. If you are going for mixed drinks, it’s really awesome!

Overall rating: 6.5

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