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[40%, sampled in Germany]

So I just signed an agreement to write two books about The Longest Way: one travelogue, one photo book. In order to celebrate this deal, I bought some premium vodka from Poland: Belvedere.

I had been eyeing this bottle for a while now. They had it in a small store around the corner, but at 32€ for 700ml, it had always seemed a bit too expensive. Especially since there were so many cheaper brands out there that I hadn’t tried yet.

But now, being in a Kool & The Gang type of mood, I decided to dish out that money, bag the bottle, carry it home, and invite some friends.

Belvedere vodka is the shit

And it was absolutely awesome! Belvedere vodka tastes smoooooooth, and there is a certain lingering aftertaste to it that makes it perfect. It’s a very rich sensation.

Oh, and I loved the bottle design, too!

get some snacks

I think this is an awesome vodka that should not be ruined by freezing it or mixing it with other things. It’s good enough to be consumed neat, at room temperature. Make sure to get something to snack on, like a pickle or some dark bread.

Celebrate good times, come on!

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