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Blagoff Green Apple vodka it was. I looked at the bootle, and I thought to myself: apple, why not?
And then I drank too much of it.

Vodka tastes better when you’re drunk, and Blagoff Green Apple vodka is no exception

Vodka testing is pleasant, but it’s not easy. Actually, it’s quite hard to pass judgement on a drink that has sent you to the restroom wondering if you are going to have it pass through your head once again. So I am not sure about the quality of this review (and of many others, for that matter).

So anyway, one thing I can tell you is this: this particular brand of vodka was hot as hell (3/10). It went down like a lightning bolt, but the funny Green Apple aftertaste sort of made up for it just a bit (6/10). I didn’t like the bottle design that much (2/10), the pricing of around 10€/700ml was good though (9/10).

I think it would have been interesting to find out how this vodka did if it was mixed with other stuff. Apple juice maybe? Or rather another alcohol beverage? I’ll leave that for you to find out though. ;)

Overall rating: 5.0

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