Blend 42

Czech Republic


the blended one

[42%, sampled in the Czech Republic]

I got this one in a mall in Prague, and to this day I am not sure what it is actually called. Is it Blend 42 vodka? Or rather 42 Blended vodka? The label suggests the former, but there’s a bunch of conflicting information online.

Also, the bottle design has apparently undergone some changes lately, which means I got one of the old bottles. But I’m not sure if I understood any of this correctly anyway.

a new idea?

First thing you notice about this vodka is that it is advertised as being “blended”, i.e. a mix of different vodkas, something I’ve only seen in more sophisticated drinks like whisky. It made me wonder why nobody else had thought of this before.

42 Blend is alright

Okay, blended it is. The thing is, 42 Blend tastes surprisingly hot. It has a sort of toughness that seems like it’s there on purpose, and it reminded me of Partisan, maybe being a bit milder than that. The aftertaste was good, though, it was aromatic and made for a nice warm feeling.

The price was, just like most vodka you can get in the Czech Republic, pretty great. I bought this for about 9€/700ml. The bottle design was okayish. Maybe the decision to give the design a makeover was justified.

I am not sure if blending is the way to go when it comes to vodka. But this one wasn’t bad.

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