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Bree vodka. This one is from Germany, and it’s made of grapes.

Bree vodka is only different from most other vodka brands because it is made from grapes

Human beings enjoy coming up with rules and regulations – we like to invent standards for things. Sometimes this makes sense: what if all trains were riding on different track widths? We would be living in a sort of railroad-hell.

But sometimes, these standards are only there to be broken. I am not sure about vodka for example. There has been some debate about the origins of this beautiful liquid – is it Russian? Is it Polish? Is it from somewhere else? And there have also been discussions about the approval (or disproval) of different ingredients – can you only call it vodka if it is made from wheat or potatoes? Or can it also be made from something else, say… grapes?

And here you have it. Vodka from grapes. And it tastes really good.

I thought it was pretty smooth (7/10), though I was missing some of that warming feeling after it went down (6/10). Not sure if that has anything to do with the grapes though. The bottle design looked okay to me (5/10). The price of about 13€ for 700ml was very good: 8/10.

This vodka is the right choice for you if you want to try something new, or if you are looking for something to mix with soft drinks.

Overall rating: 6.5

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