Callicounis Imperial



not imperial at all

[50%, sampled in Greece]

Callicounis Imperial vodka. I found this on the island of Rhodes. Not the one in the United States, but the one in Greece.

blister treatment

Vodka is usually around 40% alcohol, but this one was 50%. I initially bought it because I needed a disinfectant for a blister on my foot. When you have a blister, you need to open it with a needle, drain it from all the fluids and then sterilize it. If you do this and let it dry over night, you can walk again the next day.

Thing is I didn’t have a needle, so I had to use a knife. And I didn’t have a disinfectant, so I had to use Callicounis Imperial, which didn’t work out that well. But I didn’t know that yet when I decided to drink what was left of it.

drinking disinfectant

So how was it then? Well, this vodka smelled like industrial alcohol, and when I drank it, it burned like the hot sun. It left me gasping for air. ULTIMATE TASTE it said on the label. Which probably referred to the fact that, when the aftertaste hit, it reminded me of an ultimate cleaning agent. It was bad.

The bottle was made of plastic. It was basically a nightmare. The price was superb though (around 8€/700ml).

good for one thing

I can’t really recommend this for anything. Not even for sterilizing purposes.

In hindsight, I regret not keeping the bottle though. Would have made for an awesome water container.

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