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Camitz Sparkling vodka. Yes, sparkling! On second thought: why not?

I like it when people try something new, and Camitz Sparkling vodka is no exception

I got this because I wanted to celebrate the fact that I had finally turned in the manuscripts for my books. After so many months of toiling and of self-doubt, it felt like the time had finally come to celebrate a bit, to live the good life and be happy. So I figured I could get some champagne, but then I always like vodka better. And this one was sparkling, so it was kind of like we were drinking champagne, only it was really vodka!

When I took out the bottle, there was much surprise in the faces around me. What was this supposed to mean? Was it something drinkable, or would it turn out to be an abomination created by some inhumane marketing-team? Well, we were about to find out.

First thing you notice is the cork-cap. But it seemed to make sense on this particular product, because you wanted that champagne feel when you opened it. The cork didn’t really pop off though. It kind of just opened, because there was not that much pressure on it.

The vodka tasted very mild (I figured that this was partly because of the sparkling effect: 9/10). The aroma was nice enough (7/10) to successfully send one of us in a meditating state. So that was all good. The unusual bottle design is kind of nice (but the cork isn’t very practical, so I’ll give it 7/10 instead of 8/10). The only downside is that the whole thing is a bit expensive: 32€ for 700ml, making it a 4/10.

Here’s one hint: if you want to try some of this stuff, make sure to have a bunch of friends around, because you have to finish it in one session, otherwise the sparkling effect will be gone and the vodka will just end up tasting stale.

Overall rating: 6.75

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