Chinggis Khan



something about Mongolian vodka

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Got this bottle of Chinggis Khan at the airport, and it turned out to be expensive as hell: 56€ for 700ml. This would be excusable for a whiskey, but in terms of vodka prices, it’s off the scale.

heavy bottles

The bottle is nice, though. It’s big and fat and heavy. Actually it’s so heavy, even the cap seems to have a certain weight. And even when there’s no vodka left in the bottle, it’s still heavy. That’s how heavy it is. On the label there’s a dude shooting a bow on a horse. It’s a nice bottle.

Someone on Twitter told me to check out the new Arrested Development. The record is called “This Was Never Home”, and it comes out blasting. Good.

Chinggis Khan still rules

So how about this vodka? Oh, it is good! Chinggis Khan, the vodka, is something that Genghis Khan, the man, never was: it’s soft and smooth, almost balmy. It goes down like water, and it tastes almost sweet on the way. A perfect taste if there ever was one.

Arrested Development are murdering my headphones.

the complexity

How about the aftertaste, though? Well, it’s definitely there. It’s very mild, though, almost as if this wasn’t hard liquor at all. It’s complex and subtle, and there’s a sweetish aroma in it. I would have liked it to be stronger, though.

Anyway, this one could have been one of the best. But it’s just so damn expensive.

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