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I guess if you want, you could also write this as “Ciroc vodka”. Oh, and here is the good thing: produced in France and not from potatoes or grain but from grapes (like Bree), this vodka is truly awesome! And I mean awesome as in AWESOME.

Ciroc vodka has been sent to Earth just to let us know that awesome things can be made from grapes

I have said it before: It’s fun to try new things. When I picked this one up in the store I thought: well, Bree vodka wass made from grapes as well, and it was pretty good, so why should this one be bad?

Little did I know that this one was not only “not bad”, it was in fact: awesome!

Cîroc is very smooth and has a distinct taste to it (10/10), almost giving it a sweet note and a lingering aftertaste. The only thing that’s short of perfect is that it seems a bit “cold”, it doesn’t warm up the stomach like it was supposed to (9/10). The bottle design seemed nice in a quirky way (6/10). Only the pricing of about 28€ for 700ml was a bit of a bummer: 5/10.

This one is among my favorite vodka brands ever. Grapes or no grapes. It is awesome and you must drink it. Every day. And a lot of it.

Overall rating: 7.5

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