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[40%, sampled in Germany]

Cîroc vodka is from France. That’s why the i has a little roof on top. I guess you could also write it as Ciroc if you want.

Here’s the thing, though: this vodka is not made from potatoes or grain or even bread. Just like Bree, it’s distilled from grapes. And it’s awesome.

new things

I’ve said it before: it’s fun to try new things. I wasn’t overly excited about this brand at first, it having P. Diddy as a spokesperson and all. But when I saw it in a store I thought: well, Bree vodka was made from grapes and it was pretty good, so why should this one be bad?

Little did I know how right I was.

Ciroc is the sweetest

Cîroc is a very smooth vodka, and it has a distinct sweetness in the initial taste. This sweetness develops into a complex aroma in the aftertaste. The only thing that’s short of perfect is that it seems a bit “cold”, it doesn’t warm up the stomach like it’s supposed to.

The bottle design seemed nice in a quirky way – blue dot near at the top, blue dot on the bottom. Okay. Only the pricing of about 28€ for 700ml was a bit of a bummer.

a favorite

This one is among my favorite vodka brands ever. I’m not sure if the sweetness has anything to do with the grapes. I guess it shouldn’t, the distillation process would make sure of that.

Either way it tastes awesome and you must drink it. Every day. And lots of it.

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