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Царская Золотая – Czar’s Gold vodka. I had such high hopes for this one!

If a vodka is called Czar’s Gold vodka, you naturally expect it to be… royal

Almost every time I go to the little Russian shop around the corner to buy vodka, I ask them: “Do you have that Czar-vodka? And they never seem to have it. Or rather: they never had it. Until now!

I was so excited to be able to finally get my hands on it, so I carried it home like a gem and opened it anxiously. This was going to be worthy of the czars, this was going to be ROYAL!

But it wasn’t just as awesome as I had expected.

Don’t get me wrong: the vodka wasn’t bad. It didn’t have a very strong sting (7/10), and the aftertaste didn’t taste boring either (8/10). It was just a good vodka, nothing more. The bottle design was somewhere around nice or tacky, so I figured I’d give it a 7/10. The price tag of around 22€ for 700ml was a bit high though: 6/10.

This one is good. But it’s not as excellent as you would expect from a vodka called Czar’s Gold.

Overall rating: 7.0

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