Czar’s Gold



great expectations

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Almost every time I go to the little Russian shop around the corner, I ask them: “Do you have that Tsar-vodka?” And they never seem to have it. Or rather: they never seemed to have it. Until now.

Царская Золотая – Czar’s Gold vodka. It must have been the name or the bottle design, but I had such high hopes for this one.

the excitement

I carried it home like a gem, set it on the table, and unscrewed the cap. For a second I found myself wondering if the term “Tsar” was a registered trademark, or if any random person could use it on a product. Then I decided to just go with it and assume that this was going to be worthy of the Tsars, that this was going to be ROYAL.

But it wasn’t just as awesome as I had expected.

Czar’s Gold is good

Don’t get me wrong: the vodka wasn’t bad. It didn’t have a very strong sting, and the aftertaste was a bit flowery. It was a good vodka that didn’t taste boring. But it wasn’t anything more.

The bottle design was somewhere between nice and tacky. The price tag of around 22€ for 700ml was a bit high though.

This one is good. But it’s not as excellent as you would expect from a vodka called Czar’s Gold.

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