[40%, sampled in Germany]

My physician likes to talk about things. Whenever I show up, there is always something that we both seem to have an interest in. Sometimes it’s Russia. Sometimes it’s domestic politics.

And this one time, it was actually vodka. “Danzka“, he said to me: “I like Danzka. You have to try it!”

recommended by my doctor

And try it I did. You can find it in any large grocery store around here, so I went there on the way home from the physician and picked up a bottle. And this is no ordinary bottle. It’s made of… aluminium? It reminded me of one of those Swiss Sigg bottles.

Anyway, I am going to say it right away: my physician is a good physician, and he has good taste in vodka. There are better brands than this one, but Danzka is definitely not bad.

Danzka is sweet

This stuff is full of surprises. It burns in the mouth more than it does in the throat, but it’s not smooth enough to be considered excellent. The fun part is when you reach the sweet aftertaste. I actually enjoyed that a lot.

The Sigg-like bottle design is a nice touch. I liked the price a lot: you can get this for around 13€/700ml.

If you are going to try one of the big Nordic vodka brand names, trust my physician: Danzka is one of the better ones.

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  1. Hi there, I am interested to import this vodka to Lebanon, can we be your exclusive agent in Lebanon? how much the prices for big quantity?


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