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I guess you could write this as “Debowa Polska vodka”, and the name correctly suggests that it must be from Poland. But this is not just any vodka. It is “oak vodka”. Whatever that is.

It came to me not from Poland but from a German grocery store, and there was some sort of wood shaving in the bottle, reminding me of the bison grass in Żubrówka or the wheat ear in Kłosówka. So I figured it was supposed to be a “wood flavored” vodka. Oak, to be precise.

Dębowa Polska vodka might be good in a mixed drink

First things first: the oak flavoring in this one didn’t really seem to make that much of an impact. I didn’t notice it, or maybe i just didn’t know what to look for? What does wood taste like in a vodka? Also, if it’s good for a whisky, will it also be good for a vodka? These questions had me wondering, but I couldn’t really find any answers.

Anyway, Dębowa Polska tasted a bit rough at first (5/10), but its aftertaste was full and interesting (7/10). Not exactly very oakey, but interesting. The bottle seemed to have the potential to look awesome (minimalistic shape and wooden cap) if it weren’t for the ugly label imprints (5/10). The pricing was okay, I got this for around 18€/700ml (07/10).

I would like to know if there is anything that mixes particularly well with this vodka, anything that can bring out the “oak flavoring” and make it into something special.

Overall rating: 6.0

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