Dębowa Polska



where’s the oak?

[40%, flavored, sampled in Germany]

The name Dębowa Polska – I guess you could also write it as Debowa Polska – correctly suggests that it comes from Poland. But this is not just any vodka. It claims to be an “oak vodka”. Whatever that is.

a piece of wood

I didn’t get this in Poland, but at a German grocery store. When I picked up the bottle, I noticed that there was a piece of wood shaving in it, reminding me of the bison grass in Żubrówka or the wheat ear in Kłosówka. So I figured this was supposed to be what the “oak vodka” was about.

Dębowa Polska tastes normal

Surprisingly, there seemed to be no specific wood aroma in the air when I opened the bottle. Dębowa Polska smelled like any other ordinary vodka brand. It tasted a bit rough at first, but the aroma in the aftertaste was full and interesting. It didn’t taste like oak or even just wood, though. I found it a bit sweet.

The bottle has the potential to look pretty good (minimalistic shape and wooden cap) if it weren’t for the ugly labels. The pricing was okay – I got this for around 18€/700ml.

suggestions welcomed

So the oak flavoring doesn’t really seem to have made an impact. I never noticed it, or maybe I just didn’t know what to look for? What does wood taste like in a vodka?

One question I have is this: is there anything that mixes particularly well with this vodka? Or rather: is there anything that can bring out the “oak flavor” in it?

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