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Overall Rating: 7.8
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Двойная Белая – Dvojnaya Belaya vodka. This one is from Russia, the homeland of the V.

Dvojnaya Belaya vodka is a good Russian brand, and that’s it.

I got this one at the Russian store around the corner. It (the store) is called “Russian Standard”, and it has all kinds of food and also some liquor. I looked at the outside of the shop for a while, then I went in and started looking around inside. It was a bit intimidating actually, because these people here were going to be pros – owners of the Russian store, Masters of the V! In the end, I braced myself for anything that was about to come and asked them about this bottle: was this a good vodka, could they recommend it? The owner and his wife looked at me funny. No idea, they said. The guy sighed. They didn’t like vodka that much. They preferred cognac.

Oh well.

Dvojnaya Belaya goes down easily (7/10) and leaves a nice warm feeling in the chest (8/10). It tastes like solid quality. I liked the bottle design for some reason (7/10), and the price was very affordable (around 11€/700ml: 9/10).

In hindsight, this is a good vodka. It’s nothing overly exciting. But still recommendable.

Overall rating: 7.75

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