Dvojnaya Belaya



a good Russian brand

[40%, sampled in Germany]

This one is called Двойная Белая – Dvojnaya Belaya vodka. It’s from Russia, the homeland of the V.

I got it at the Russian store around the corner, a small shop that has all kinds of food and some liquor. First I just stood there staring at the windows for a while, but then I went in and started looking around inside. It felt a bit intimidating, because the people there were supposed to be professionals – owners of a Russian store, masters of the V!

how to find vodka

In the end, I braced myself and asked them about this bottle: was this a good vodka, could they recommend it? The owner and his wife gave me a funny look. No idea, they said. The guy sighed. They didn’t like vodka that much. They preferred cognac.

Oh well.

Dvojnaya Belaya is recommendable

I tried Dvojnaya Belaya with some pickles. It goes down easily, which is a good thing. It also leaves a pleasantly warm feeling in the chest. To me it tastes like solid quality, a drink that will make for a nice evening if you’re sharing it with friends.

I liked the simple bottle design for some reason, and the price was very affordable (around 11€/700ml).

All in all this is a good vodka brand. It’s nothing overly exciting. But still recommendable.

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