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More time spent on the lakeshore meant more time spent with the finer things in life. There was a period of a week or two when I got sick and started experimenting with “secret medicine”, one ingredient of which turned out to be vodka. Good times.

This one was called Elixir, and it came in a bottle that was nothing short of mezmerizing.

There can be no doubt: Elixir vodka has the best bottle design

This one cost about the same as Kyrgyz Standard, which was probably because I had bought both of them in the same upscale supermarket in Bishkek and schlepped them up to the lake, which was Ayu and Nano Platinum territory. Anyway, I paid about 10€ for Elixir, a 9/10.

And the bottle was so beautiful. I think Elixir vodka comes in the most beautiful bottle I’ve ever seen, more appealing even than Bavarka, Kalinovaya, and the infamous Crystal Head. I mean, the design is just perfect. I’d give it 11/10 if I could. A massive 10/10.

But even the most beautiful bottle must be opened eventually. Elixir has a faint, sweetish smell. The taste is sweet as well, sweet and light, a pleasant sensation that burns just a little on the way down. 8/10.


The aftertaste is there, aromatic and lasting. It’s not overly interesting or subtle, but it’s definitely a good aftertaste that reminded me of certain herbs. 8/10.

Overall, Elixir vodka is an 8.75, and I want to know who designed the bottle.

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  1. This vodka is copied a bottle design from vodka named EDEN. Originally, Eden bottle was designed by Russian company Uprise LLC in 2016, however Elixir is stolen its design from another vodka and stolen its name from another rum, which is Elixir of Bacardi.
    Shame on Elixer, shame on Kyrgyzstan. Copycat detected!!!


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