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Eristoff vodka – this brand is originally from Georgia (though owned by Bacardi now), and it’s apparently pretty old as well, dating back to the early 19th century. BTW, I wish I could go to Georgia some day, I hear they have great food there, some sort of walnut chicken dish is supposed to be the bomb! Anyway, this vodka is made from grain, filtered with charcoal, and there is a big ol’ wolf on the logo – I like!

Eristoff vodka shows that it does not have to be smooth in order to be good

When I drink vodka, I am usually looking for two things: smoothness and aroma. I like my vodka to go down easily, as if it really is just a kind of “little water”. And I it to have an aromatic aftertaste, something heartwarming and nice.

Only sometimes, vodka does not have to be smooth. Take Partisan for example. Not smooth. But enjoyable. Eristoff is similar in this aspect.

This vodka is not the smoothest you are going to find (6/10), but it has a certain sweetness to it (7/10), and like any good vodka, it works well if consumed straight – with pickles or some bread on the side. The bottle design looks alright (6/10), and the price is really good (11€/700ml: 9/10).

This is not your super-refined Belvedere or Beluga. But it’s still a good vodka!

Overall rating: 7.0

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