rough can be good

[37,5%, sampled in Germany]

This one is a bit hard to pin down. Eristoff vodka claims to be from Georgia (which is being referred to as “the land of the wolf”, hence they put a howling wolf on the label).

So far so good, but the brand has been owned by Bacardi for a while now. So where is it really from? I can’t really be sure, so I’m just going to go with Georgia. I wish I could go there one day. I hear they have great food, some sort of walnut chicken dish is supposed to be quite epic.

what I look for

Eristoff vodka is made from grain, and it is filtered using charcoal. And, just like so many other brands, this one also claims that the process involves an “ancient family recipe”.

When I drink vodka, I’m usually looking for two things: smoothness and aroma. I like for my vodka to go down easily, as if it really is just a kind of “little water”. And I like for it to have an aromatic aftertaste, something heartwarming and nice.

Eristoff is surprisingly fun

There are instances when vodka doesn’t have to be smooth, though. Take Partisan for example. Not smooth, but enjoyable. This one is a bit similar in this regard.

Eristoff isn’t the smoothest vodka around. It puts up a bit of a fight on the way down, but it has a certain sweetness in the aftertaste. And it works well if consumed neat and at room temperature – with pickles and bread on the side.

The bottle design looks alright, and the price is really good (11€/700ml).

the problem with ratings

This is not your super-refined Belvedere or Beluga. It’s not even a Parliament or a Danzka. It tastes too rough for that. I don’t want to give it a higher rating because of that, but still, it’s a fun vodka.

To hell with ratings, I suggest you try this one!

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