where is this from

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Эталон – Etalon vodka. This one confused me a little. Or rather, it confused me very much, because I got obsessed with a question of minor importance: the question of its origin.

The first thing I noticed about it was the pyramid-shape of the bottle. It stood in stark contrast to the traditional design of the labels.

Belarusian or Russian?

I tried to find out where it was from, but while the manufacturer was supposed to be Belarusian, the import note said that it was actually from Moscow. So which one was it, then? Russia or Belarus?

Maybe it had been manufactured in Belarus and then shipped to Russia for further processing? Or maybe it was a Belarusian brand that had been bought by the Russians? I felt confused. Very confused.

Etalon is slightly below average

And we all know that sometimes the best way to deal with feelings of confusion is to drink. So drink I did.

Etalon vodka had a hot taste, so hot in fact that I didn’t really like it that much. The aftertaste wasn’t that great either. It tasted like industrial alcohol.

The bottle design was weird but okay, and the price of about 14€ for 700ml was good.

I’m still not sure where this vodka is from, but I am also not sure if I care anymore, either.

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