Exclusive Kosher



the kosher difference?

[40%, sampled in Germany]

A while ago when I went to Poland to visit the Auschwitz concentration/extermination camp, I stayed there for a few days and made a short video about it. That was my way of dealing with it, I guess.

Before I left, I did another thing: I bought a bunch of Polish vodka. It was a simple procedure: I basically went to a grocery store and put bottle after bottle into my shopping cart. But that wasn’t all of it. There was one bottle of vodka that somehow seemed special to me: Exclusive Kosher, imported from Israel.

Exclusive Kosher is a bit cold

I took the bottles home with me, and the first one I opened was this one. I was going to drink it, but I was also going to give it a review. Let’s talk about the most important part first: taste and aftertaste. Would the “kosher” part make a difference at all?

Well, I’m still not sure actually. All I can say is that the taste was very mild and a bit sweet, much to my liking. The aftertaste on the other hand had a surprisingly rich aroma, the only downside being that it seemed to stay a bit too “cold” in the stomach.

I had paid 8,5€ for this half-liter bottle, making it around 12€/700ml. The bottle design was nice. I enjoyed the simplicity of it as well as the fact that it had a dispenser, though I didn’t like the red ring around the cap.

Anyway, all in all, this was a very good vodka.

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