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Guess where Finlandia vodka is from? That’s right, it’s from Finland! And did you know that it’s supposed to be Koskenkorva‘s big brother in a way? I didn’t. But hey, you never stop learning.

How Finlandia vodka went on to represent a country

If I am not mistaken, Finlandia is produced by the same state-owned Finnish company that makes Koskenkorva. But it’s not the same stuff. While Kossu is a traditional Finnish drink that many would consider to be a schnapps rather than a vodka (because it contains sugar), Finlandia is aimed at foreign markets, and it is indeed a pure vodka.

But apparently, it is American-owned now. I chose to still consider it a Finnish vodka though because it is being produced there as of now.

So how good is this stuff anyway?

Well, it wasn’t bad, definitely one of the more smooth vodkas around (8/10). But it wasn’t just as smooth as Koskenkorva, and it also lacked that exciting aftertaste (7/10). The bottle design seemed nice to me (7/10), and the price really good (12€/700ml: 8/10).

This is a good vodka. Another piece of solid quality from the North, one might say.

Overall rating: 7.5

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