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Пять Озёр – Five Lakes vodka. I liked this Siberian brand definitely better than Kedrovitsa, also from Siberia. But I didn’t know that yet, when I bought it at the Russian store around the corner.

There is something about that fresh Siberian water in Five Lakes vodka

Like I said before, every vodka needs a certain angle to reach its customers. This one is marketing itself as being cool and fresh from a Siberian lake – from 5 lakes, to be precise! I tried it, and I have to say it was really very good! The vodka tasted extremely smooth (9/10) and unique – it almost felt “cooling” before it went down, and it somehow still made for a nice warm feeling in the aftertaste (8/10). The bottle design is nice (6/10), the pricing is very good (12€/700ml: 8/10).

I think this vodka is very much recommendable and can be consumed straight, at room temperature. With some bread of course. Or some pickles.

And one thing you should definitely try to do: imagine the clear waters of the five lakes (which five exactly, we do not know), and hold it a little bit on your tongue. Let it burn a while. The cool water of the five lakes.

Overall rating: 7.75

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