Five Lakes



that fresh Siberian water

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Пять Озёр – Five Lakes vodka. I liked this Siberian brand definitely better than Kedrovitsa, also from Siberia. But I didn’t know that yet when I bought it at the Russian store around the corner.

evoking the coolness

Every vodka needs a certain angle to reach its customers. This one is marketing itself as being from a Siberian lake – from five lakes, to be precise. I guess the image is supposed to lead to associations of cold freshness.

I tried it, and I have to say it was really very good. The vodka tasted extremely smooth and unique – it almost felt “cooling” before it went down, and it somehow still made for a nice warm feeling in the aftertaste.

The bottle design is nice, the pricing is very good (12€/700ml).

drink neat

I think this vodka is of a quality that can be consumed neat, at room temperature. With some bread of course. Or some pickles.

And here’s one thing you should definitely try to do: imagine the cool waters of the five lakes (which five exactly, we do not know), and hold it a little bit on your tongue. Let it burn for a while.

The cool water of the five lakes.

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