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So here he is, the infamous Fürst… Because that’s what they call it. Fürst Uranov vodka (or I guess you could write it was Furst Uranov vodka) has a reputation for being one of the cheapest (and worst) brands in German shops.

There is a reason why Fürst Uranov vodka is at the bottom of the lower shelf

I got weird looks from my friends when I brought home this stuff. Why would I even waste my time with something that even teenagers would only touch with cleaning gloves while dumping it into their energy drinks?

Good point. But I think a review blog should not only be about awesome things. Sometimes you just have to try out something that is not supposed to be that good. Who knows, you might be in for a surprise, right?

Yeah well, no surprise here. This stuff tasted like a disinfecting agent (0/10), and it had a truly disgusting aftertaste (0/10). I thought the bottle design was both loud and ugly (2/10), but it is apparently possible to purchase this for around 7€/700ml, making it the undesputed king of affordable pricing (10/10)!

My advice: even if you are low on cash, don’t buy this!

Overall rating: 3.0

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  1. So i currently in the process of drinking Fürst Uranov, and a while curious about the nae i came to this site.

    My 2017 rating

    Taste 6/10
    Aftertaste 5/10
    Bottle Design redundant 7/10
    Price 9/10

    My overall rating 6.5, okay


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