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Overall Rating: 5.8
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Believe it or not, Germany does have a few original vodka brands!

Gorbatschow Blue Label vodka is one of them.

I am not sure if there is a Putin vodka just yet, but there is one called Gorbatschow Blue Label vodka

I didn’t expect much from this. It is a widely available lower-shelf product from Germany with a generic name, so what was I to expect? I, the connaisseur, the taster of all Vs, the man of the top shelf, would I not be appaled by anything that was not up to my lofty standards? Would I contort my face in disgust?

But it actually tasted okay. In fact it tasted okay as long as it was cold, only revealing its flaws at room temperature: a rough taste (4/10) and a lack of aroma in the aftertaste (5/10). The bottle design is okay, nothing overly interesting or pleasing to the eye (5/10), the price is awesome though (11€/700ml: 9/10).

Buy this if you can’t get anything better. And make sure to only use it in mixed drinks.

Overall rating: 5.75

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