Gorbatschow Blue Label



politics and vodka

[37,5%, sampled in Germany]

Believe it or not, but Germany does have a few original vodka brands. And Gorbatschow Blue Label vodka is one of them.

Now you’re probably wondering: a brand from Germany uses the German spelling of a former Soviet leader’s name? WTF.

Yeah. This might be due to the fact that Germans have been generally sympathetic towards Mikhail Gorbachev for allowing the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) to be gobbled up by the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) in the early 1990s.

what to expect from Gorbatschow Blue Label

That being said, I didn’t expect much from this vodka. It’s a widely available lower-shelf product with a generic name, so what was I to expect? I, the connoisseur, the gourmet of the V, the man of the top shelf, would I be appalled by anything that wasn’t up to my lofty standards?

Would I contort my face in disgust?

should be chilled and mixed

It turned out to be okayish. In fact the vodka tasted pretty as long as it was cold, and it only started revealing its flaws at room temperature: a rough taste and a lack of aroma in the aftertaste.

The bottle design is okay, nothing overly interesting or pleasing to the eye, but the price is awesome (11€/700ml).

Buy this if you can’t get anything better. And make sure to only use it in mixed drinks.

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