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There is a particular brand of Polish vodka that is very popular in Germany: Grasovka vodka. The one with the big cow in the logo.

The taste of bison grass makes Grasovka vodka a better drink than it really is

Yes, this is another one of those flavored vodka brands. This one is flavored with buffalo grass, and if you look closely, you can even see that there is one straw in the bottle. If there isn’t, you should return it. No straw, no fun!

Germans love this stuff, though the few Polish friends who I talked to about this said that this one was not what they usually had over there. They had something better, so why would anyone drink this stuff?

I had to give it a try.

My verdict: the vodka itself was not very smooth (5/10), the aftertaste on the other hand was really excellent (9/10), and it would have been even better on a high quality vodka. The bottle design was a bit too colorful for my taste (4/10), but the pricing was pretty good (14€/700ml: 8/10).

A lot of people mix this with apple juice, with in itself is an indicator for the average quality of the vodka – you don’t mix top-shelf liquor with soft drinks.

Overall rating: 6.5

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