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More Uzbek vodka? Why not. This one is called Grelochka (Грелочка), and I bought it in a liquor store next to a supermarket in Tashkent. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen any alcohol for sale in Uzbek supermarkets – only in specialized liquor stores, just like in the US. But then I’ve never seen anyone in Uzbekistan run around with brown paper bags holding their alcohol bottles, so I guess open container laws are different there?

But anyway. Here’s some of that Grelochka.

Grelochka vodka needs to rid itself of the bitterness

It goes without saying that the price was awesome. Vodka is so cheap in these countries that you have to wonder if maybe taxing it a bit more heavily could keep some people from becoming alcoholics? Upon raising this point with friends from Kyrgyzstan I was advised that making alcohol more expensive would only lead to people distilling their own stuff. Hm..

This bottle cost like 4€, so it’s a 10/10.

When I googled “Грелочка”, I stumbled upon a Russian vodka brand of the same name, which was a bit confusing. Which one was there first? Were both vodkas maybe just the same, and they only came in a different packaging? I failed to find out.

But let’s talk about the bottle design: I liked the ground glass, the birds, and the flowers. It reminded me of Kalinovaya, though it wasn’t quite as perfect. Anyway, I’d give it an 8/10.

The smell is faint, which is a good sign. I like drinking my vodka at room temperature, and I like to have a little bit of food with it. Some pickles, some salami, or even some cheese. This Grelochka vodka tastes sweet, almost balmy, and it goes down easily. An 8/10.

The aftertaste isn’t as great, though. It’s slightly bitter, and maybe even a bit sour. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great, either. A 6/10.

So altogether this vodka comes down to an 8.0

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