Grey Goose



call it by its name

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Grey Goose vodka. Finally, the legendary Goose. I had been looking at this bottle in the store window for a long time. But just like Belvedere, it had always seemed too expensive.

So when I signed my second book deal (yes, we’re making a travelogue and an illustrated book on top of that!), I decided it was time.

about hope

People don’t call this one Grey Goose. They just call it the Goose. Just like they call Stolichnaya just Stoli. Anyway, that’s cool with me. I just want to fit in. So there: I am trying the Goose now!

Oh, and I had such high hopes!

There is one problem with high hopes though: you will almost always face disappointment. Or am I the only one who used to imagine the Mona Lisa to be a bit more, erm… impressive?

Grey Goose doesn’t disappoint

Anyway, this was one of those rare instances where high hopes were solidly met. The Goose was good, in fact it reminded me of Belvedere: a taste that is utterly smooth, even balmy, and a rich aftertaste that has a slightly sweet, lingering aroma.

I loved the bottle design as well. The only thing bad was the price tag (34€/700ml).

my suggestion

Get this if you have something to celebrate. Don’t put it in the fridge, it’s way too good for that. And don’t use it in mixed drinks. Have it neat, at room temperature. Have it with some snacks and some friends.

Appreciate the goodness.

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