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This vodka came as part of Karel’s gift to me – two bottles, one of Rudolf Jelinek Plum and one of this. It was called Hanacka vodka. I took it home and opened it ceremoniously, pouring a shotglass and cutting a slice of ham to go along with it. Then I googled the stuff and got a bit scared. There was a German news item from two years back that advised readers not to drink certain Czech liquor brands because they were often fake, causing consumers to get hurt or even lose their lives. Hanacka was among the brands that were explicitly mentioned. I looked at my shotglass. It was already empty.

How do I know if Hanacka vodka is real?

I decided not to worry. Karel would know what he was doing. I would be okay. I googled the price of this vodka, just for evaluation purposes: it was apparently around 8€/700ml, making it another Czech 10/10. The bottle design was mediocre, maybe even a tad below mediocre (5/10). I took another shot to make sure I got the taste right. It was mild and a bit sweet. Not bad for something that I secretly suspected of causing me to go blind (7/10). The aftertaste was nothing special, if only a bit warming (6/10). All in all, this one was okay. And it didn’t kill me.

Did I know whether it was real or not? No. But then, did I ever really know?

Overall rating: 7.0

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