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mighty name

Honor vodka from Kansas. I got this in the same store where I had found Most Wanted before. And I got it in a brown paper bag, too. I loved the bag, because it made me feel as if I was doing something illegal. So that was all good.

But what would the vodka itself be like? Would it be quality booze like Most Wanted, or would it be something that would just get you wasted, and that was it?

Well, the name suggested it was going to be solid, but reality can be surprising at times.

Honor vodka needs work

I had a hard time with this. The taste was way too hot in the throat, and there was an almost complete lack of aroma in the aftertaste. This is an efficient drink if you want to get wasted with a couple of buddies, but it’s nothing fancy.

The bottle design really didn’t do it for me, either. The price was good though, around 14€ for 700ml.

Get this if you can’t find anything better. And get it in a brown paper bag.

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