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Bottle Design
Bottle Price

high expectations

[40%, sampled in Russia]

I am a great fan of Russian Standard, in fact it was the first vodka that I really liked. So when I found out that the Russian Standard brand had a luxury edition called Imperia, I was naturally excited.

Would it be more awesome than awesome? How perfect could a vodka turn out to be?

Imperia vodka isn’t overpriced

Obviously, this stuff wasn’t exactly supposed to be very affordable,  but it turned out to be less expensive than many other premium brands. I shelved out the 20€ for a 700ml bottle. Then I got ready.

Bread. Pickles. Water. Shot-glasses. And – most importantly – a room full of friends.

not special enough

The vodka itself was very smooth but not awesome, and it had an aromatic aftertaste. I liked the bottle design with the maroon highlights and the edges.

But was it really that excellent? No. I would have expected this one to be a lot more… special. Or did I just fall victim to my own expectations?

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