Imperial Collection



big names

[40%, sampled in Russia]

This one is called Императорская Коллекция – Imperial Collection vodka. Isn’t that a grand name for some liquor that will make your head spin if you overdo it? Yes, your head will spin – but in an imperial way!

Imperial Collection vodka also comes in Fabergé eggs

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering about the name of this vodka right now. Isn’t anything that has a word like “imperial” in it supposed to be either super-deluxe or super-cheap?

I did some research, and I found out that this one is apparently supposed to be a real premium brand, which also comes in super-deluxe Fabergé eggs for thousands and thousands of €.

I got the cheap edition

Lucky me, my bottle cost only around 17€ for 700ml, so it was an okay price. But how about the quality of the vodka itself?

Well, the taste wasn’t that gentle, the aftertaste was just ok as well. And even the bottle design was kind of mediocre.

are you rich

I think I need to make some really rich friends so I can try the Fabergé edition. Are you crazy rich? You wanna be friends? Have some vodka? You can keep even keep the egg if you want.

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