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As you can see from the background, I got Isfjord vodka in the same place I had tried Mansfeld: Luxembourg. And I ran into some problems as towards the nationality of this brand. It says Greenland on the label. Arctic water from Greenland. So was I supposed to make an individual category for it, and if I did, would it be part of The Americas or Europe?

In the end I looked up Isfjord vodka online and found out that the company headquarters were in Denmark. So I decided to simply list it as a Danish vodka.

Is this Isfjord vodka from Greenland as icy as it sounds?

This is one of those bottles that has a great pouring sound, especially when it’s almost full. The way it goes “glug-glug-glug-glug” is nothing short of delightful. The bottle itself is slick and shiny, and the glass feels pretty massive. The only thing I didn’t like was the amount of text on the label. A 7/10.

The price. Well… A steep 38€ for 700ml put it in the 2/10 section, even below Mansfeld. But what can you do. It’s supposed to be made with arctic water from Greenland. It couldn’t possibly be affordable.

So. Does the water make a difference?

First, there is a surprisingly strong alcoholic smell. The taste is slightly sweet (especially if you close your eyes and imagine the arctic water from Greenland which you have paid for by purchasing this drink). But it’s also a teeny tiny bit stronger than it should be. It even burns a little bit on the way down. 8/10.

The aftertaste is a bit dryish. But it’s aromatic, and it stays around for quite some time, so it goes well with your pickled vegetables or a slice of jamon. 8/10.

Isfjord is a 6.25

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