Jelzin Vanilla



Boris Yeltsin’s joy

[37,5%, flavored, sampled in Germany]

This was kind of weird. It seems as though it’s mostly German vodka brands that like to use the names of Russian personalities to boost their sales.

Imagine Russians selling beer under the labels of “Schröder” or “Kohl” or “Adenauer”. Who knows, maybe they’ve been doing that for a while now? Anyway, in Germany we have Gorbatschow Blue Label and Puschkin (which I’ll be reviewing later).

But this one, called Jelzin Vanilla, wasn’t from Germany, it was from France. Which was weird because the name of the brand is using the German spelling of the name Yeltsin. In French it would be Eltsine.

Jeltsin Vanilla is only good for coke

The vodka itself was disappointing: it was harsh on the way down, and there was nothing particularly interesting in the taste. The aftertaste profited massively from the vanilla flavoring, though. This stuff wasn’t very good to drink as a shot, but it was übercool with coke.

I thought the bottle design was average. It looked a bit cheap, which seemed to make sense because the price was awesome (9€/700ml).

Get this if you want something new for your vodka+coke. Don’t bother to have it neat, though.

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