Kalashnikov Premium



guns out

[40%, sampled in Russia]

This one is called Калашников – Kalashnikov Premium vodka. Yes, just like the gun. This stuff is apparently from the same company.

I am not a great fan of the arms industry as a whole, but this bottle was just too beautiful and too intriguing for me not to try it.

So when I was watching my good friend Sergey from Vladivostok open the bottle and pour the stuff into two shot glasses, I was very excited: would it be smooth like the bottle design? Or powerful like the assault rifle?

Kalashnikov Premium isn’t bad

The vodka didn’t taste very smooth at first, as though they had wanted this to be a manly drink for manly men. The aftertaste was a bit better though, almost charming.

I loved the bottle design. Only the pricing of 20€+ per 700ml seemed relatively high, but I guess you’re paying for the name as well.

guns and tigers

I think this is not a perfect vodka per se, but it is a perfect as a gift for someone who is into manly stuff: guns, bears, tigers, martial arts.

Kalashnikov Premium vodka is for the Putin in you.

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