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Калашников – Kalashnikov vodka. Yes, Kalashnikov, like the gun. This stuff is apparently from the same company.

There is a potential Kalashnikov vodka in every drink

I am not a great fan of the arms industry as a whole, but this bottle with the name Kalashnikov was just too beautiful and too intriguing for me not to try it! So when I was watching my good friend Sergey from Vladivostok open the bottle and pour the stuff into two shot glasses, I was very excited: would it be smooth like the bottle design? Or powerful like the assault rifle?

The vodka didn’t taste very smooth at first (6/10), as though they had wanted this to be a manly drink for manly men. The aftertaste was a bit better (7/10) though, almost charming. I loved the bottle design (9/10). Only the pricing of 20€+ per 700ml seemed relatively high (6/10), but I guess you are paying for the name as well.

I think this is not a perfect vodka per se, but it is a perfect as a gift for someone who is into manly stuff: guns, bears, tigers, martial arts – Kalashnikov vodka, for the Putin in you!

Overall rating: 7.0

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