Kara Jorgo



make you dance

[40%, sampled in Kyrgyzstan]

This one is called Кара Жорго – Kara Jorgo vodka (thanks to Kubat for clearing this up in the comments).

In the Kyrgyz language, Kara means “black”, and Jorgo means a certain kind of “pacer” horse, so that would make it a “black horse” – a fine name for a spirit. Also, there is a black horse on the label.

But I am told that there is more to this word, since it’s also the name of a Kyrgyz national dance. So maybe this vodka is supposed to get you in the mood for dancing?

travellers in small villages

I had this bottle of Kara Jorgo in a small village called Tamga located on the southern shores of Issyk-kul. I was staying in a guesthouse there, and because summer had already passed, there were not many other tourists around.

Luckily, I was able to find a Japanese traveler to have a drink with. His name was Hide, and he was a runner and a musician. Hide had a little bluetooth speaker, and he put on some classical music. He liked Bach.

Kara Jorgo is alright

We toasted our way through the bottle. It had cost 100 Som for 0.48l (500ml/3€) and was thus among the most affordable spirits I had ever tried. The bottle looked good. I liked the horse and the simplicity of the design.

The taste was good, too. There was a hint of sweetness in it. The aftertaste was okay, slightly better than average, but not great.

In the end, we agreed that the vodka was good, but it didn’t make us dance.

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  1. Hi Christoph,
    Thanks for your reviews! The blog is a real fun. I will base my choice of Kyrgyz vodkas on your reviews. :) May I also suggest some correct details regarding the name of this one? The second word of its name reads as “jorgo”, not “shorgo”. And “jorgo” does not mean just a horse, it means pacer. The generic word for “horse” is “at” or “jylky”.


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