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[40%, flavored, sampled in Germany]

Кедровица Kedrovitsa is from Siberia, and it’s supposed to be flavored with extracts from the Siberian pine tree. So far so good.

what does a pine tree taste like?

The thing is, I didn’t even notice the thing about the pine tree flavor until I had finished most of the bottle. I looked at the label, and I started wondering about the reason why I hadn’t noticed anything weird about the taste before.

Were my taste buds not sensitive enough? Or was I just not paying any attention? But did I even know what a pine tree was supposed to taste like? I had never consciously tried anything pine-flavored before. So I took another shot, trying to find out what it was that I had been missing. But I failed.

Kedrovitsa seems a bit sour

Let’s talk about the flavor first. The vodka itself wasn’t bad, in fact it felt cool and smooth. There was a hint of a sour aroma in the aftertaste, though (maybe that was the pine tree?).

The bottle design was okay, I liked the shape but not so much the label design. The price was around 13€/700ml, so that was pretty good.

Can someone please try this and tell me if you they can taste the pine tree flavor? Thanks!

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