Ketel One



good reputation

[40%, sampled in Germany]

Ketel One vodka comes from the Netherlands. I got this bottle as a gift, so I was a bit more excited than usual. We sat down, prepared the bread and the kielbasa, uncapped the bottle and poured two shots.

how to drink

Here’s the way I like to drink my vodka: I smell it first. Then I smell the bread or whatever else I’m having with it. I take the shot, and then I breathe out through the nose, long and deep. Then I smell the food again. A good vodka will gently irritate your mouth, making your perception of smell and taste more intense.

That’s part of what makes drinking it so much fun.

the hotness

Well, this Ketel One burned a bit on the way down, leaving a hot feeling in the throat (not so much in the mouth). I would have liked for it to be a bit more mild. There was a nice aftertaste though, something vaguely reminding me of caramel.

The bottle design was good, not awesome, but good. And with a price tag of 18€ for 700ml, this stuff was still pretty affordable.

what Ketel One is good for

I think the reason why Ketel One is so popular for mixed drinks lies in the fact that it’s a bit too rough to drink straight, but the aftertaste works very well in combination with a soft drink.

If you have Ketel One with apple juice, for example, you will taste the apple juice first (with just a hint of hotness in it), and then, once that’s gone, the aftertaste of Ketel One will kick in, giving you a different sensation.

So there you got it: the perfect vodka for a mixed drink.

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