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Kłosówka, or Klosowka vodka, is originally from Poland.

Klosowka vodka is a good Polish brand, but it’s not up there with the rest of them

I initially wanted to try this because it had a wheat ear in the bottle (you can hardly see it in the picture, but it’s there). Many vodka brands try to get your attention by adding a special gimmick or some flavoring. This can be good, but sometimes it can be just irritating as well.

One thing that I noticed about this vodka was that I somehow ended up with a German import version. It felt weird. If vodka is so much about the brand image it portrays, then why in the world would they give you an “import version” that makes you feel like you are drinking something generic?

I think they should have just left it all in Polish. People need to have some faith in their good Polish vodka.

Okay, to the glasses then: the taste of this vodka was okay, nothing special (6/10). If I was looking for a sort of wheat aroma, then I was disappointed, because I couldn’t find it, not even in the aftertaste (6/10).The bottle design seemed boring to me and I held a grudge against that whole “import” thing (5/10), the price of around 19€ for 700ml was okay: 7/10.

I want to try original Polish Kłosówka one day. Hope it’s better than this.

Overall rating: 6.0

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